The Quality Of Your Emotions = Quality Of Your Life

Invest In Your Mental Wealth, Transform Your Relationship & Your Outlook On Life in 12 Weeks or Less...

Without Missing A Beat In Your Business.

An emotional mastery coaching program for male CEO's & Entrepreneurs.

Self Investment = Safe Investment. We Do Trauma Healing Differently.

Money in the bank is great but have you ever invested in your Mental Wealth?

When you're busy building your business, it's easy to disregard the importance of building a wealthy mind, with wealthy thoughts and emotional habits that ultimately help you maintain all the other key areas of your life (like keeping your woman happy!).

In fact, if you're reading this it's probably been a complete after thought and now you're in crisis mode in that everything feels heavy, stressful and you're looking for a solution.

Mental Wealth is the class you needed first, but ironically the one that is usually left until last.

I personally get it & I have a solution.

Let's talk a little more & then I'll share my story with you 🧠📈.

Your emotions are not meant to consume you. They aren’t meant to overwhelm you to the point of shutdowns 😪 or blow ups 💥 .

The problem is, unless you


learn how to use emotion as guidance… it’s going to feel heavy, confusing and overwhelming.

It’s the class that you always needed but have never found, and ironically the one that you needed the most.

Whether your challenges are dealing with anxiety, low self esteem, low confidence, anger or depression… babes I have some

very very very

good news.

I personally get it & I have a solution.

Let's talk a little more & then I'll share my story with you 🧠🌱.

This Is For You If You Are a Male CEO/ Entrepreneur and:

➡️ You have been told you are avoidant. When problems arise in your relationships you shut down & push your partner away, and you see how this is problematic.

➡️ Your emotions get the better of you and you can blow up over minor things.

➡️ Your relationship with your father is turbulent, non-existent or you wish it was better. Your relationship with your father is a 🔑 part of who you are.

➡️ The money & success you achieved did not bring you happiness, like you thought it would. It feels like something is missing.

A Wealthy Mind Will Be Your Greatest Asset With The Biggest ROI.


The High Level Coaching Program for Male CEO's

and Entrepreneurs.

What's Included?

Weekly 1-1 Sessions

These sessions will be used for trauma informed - therapeutic purposes to explore & overcome your personal challenges.

Access To All Online Programs & Modules

100's of hours of content, forever.

Daily Touch Points (priceless $$$)

Voice note or text daily with Nikki, as and when you need. Whether you're looking for guidance, support, someone to listen or to share your wins, you can! Any time.

Coaching With Nikki Means:



& Heal

Unresolved Trauma


Emotional Regulation



Navigate Relationships




Health Focus


Elite Mind Management

Build Your Mind & Relationships As You Build Your Bank 📈

What's Possible?

→ Master the art of emotional regulation and reclaim your inner calmness & peace.

→ Learn & master the 7 elements to creating bulletproof mindset; Self Awareness, Growth Mindset, Resilience, Faith, Emotional Regulation, Self Care, Compassion.

→ You can shut down negative thoughts and challenge them in constructive way. Train your mind to win, daily.

→ Dissolve & take control of all your old & un-serving emotional patterns including anxiety, anger, shame, frustration.

→ Full understanding of the way your body and mind work together based on your subconscious & nervous system programming.

Testimonials From Men Like You

What's Possible? Take a look.



Coaching with Nikki transformed my outlook on life. I am in a better mindset on a day to day basis as I align myself with my values, and living with these at the forefront has made me happier & more fulfilled daily. I have better emotional regulation than ever before, and negative things seem so much smaller than they used to prior to the program.



'Working with Nikki has changed the way my mind works, I have control again.

I have a completely different approach to how I regulate my thoughts and emotions which has led to an immense feeling of confidence and freedom to live my life to fullest. My mental health has completely shifted thanks to this program.'

Events Manager & Fundraiser


'Nikki helped me manage my anxiety and depression at really low time in my life.

I have now overcome many of my internal battles and I am so grateful for everything I have learnt. The support I received from Nikki was next level.

This program saved my life.'

Why Work With Nikki?

We do things differently. Here's why 👇🏼

You have access to video recorded content, 1-1 support and daily touch points to ask questions throughout the whole 12 weeks.

Without fail, if you implement as explained you will create huge internal shifts towards your goals.

This is a place to feel strong & resilient. NOT a pity party to repeat the same pain & patterns you've been playing out so far.

Building a strong resilient and healthy mind means accountability, commitment & clarity so you can build a life you don't need to escape from.

My approach is no BS, no FLUFF. I teach complex and high level theories in bitesize chunks so you can learn & apply with simplicity.

My teachings are science backed, inclusive of NLP and Positive Psychology to create permanent behaviour change.

Results, guaranteed.


I know how it feels to try so many things but nothing really 'sticks' or gets you to the desired outcome you want, so here are my guarantees to help you with making this commitment.

1️⃣ I guarantee this program holds all the information you need to create emotional mastery & build a strong & resilient mind.

2️⃣ Follow all the steps I give you throughout the whole 12 weeks and you are guaranteed to see significant growth in your emotional regulation, quality of your thoughts & relationships with yourself. The overall goal is to make your mind a healthier, happier place to be so you can have healthier, happier relationships.

WhY choose me to help you reach your goals?

I've been studying self growth for over 10 years. I'm not the gal who jumped onto the bandwagon a few years ago and created a course on gratitude 🤭. I've been living & breathing self growth since BEFORE it was a tiktok trend.

I've invested over $100k on my own personal development. I know what works, what doesn't and what is a waste of time. I went to the trenches so you don't have to ☺️.

I founded Mind Health School in 2019 (pre-pandemic!) and I've helped hundreds and hundreds of humans globally create wealthy and healthy minds, relationships & lives.

My biggest goal with all my clients is to help you get to the end of your problem in the most efficient and effective timeframe. I don't believe in lifetime subscriptions to therapy.

My job is to help you fast track your trauma healing & mental health growth so you can find better problems to worry about.

Your internal world is the safest possible place for you to invest, to be guaranteed a significant return.

Self Investment = Safe Investment.


Our Frequently asked questions

What kind of things will we cover in High Level Coaching?

Everything from your childhood, relationship with your parents, past relationships, career, social life and everything in between. Nothing is off limits, so whatever you want to go into is on the cards. Nikki will also guide you to specific places for us to explore together.

What is Nikki qualified in?

Nikki is a certified Trauma Support Specialist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Time Line Therapist, Health Coach, Nutrition Advisor, Mental Health First Aider. As well as having 10 years personal experience in the self growth game herself!

I have trauma, is this a good fit?

YES! Nikki is a trauma informed coach, and I deeply care about your inner state. She understands how to work with the nervous system and how to help you manage your internal state so you can heal & feel in complete control of your mind whilst you grow.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can select the payment plan which is most suited to you above.