A Mind Health Coach With A Twist 🧬

Looking for a speaker for your next Conference, Team Training or Workshop? Treat Your Team To a self development Day Like no other.

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'It Was Our Most Attended Event - And Rightly So!' - Sabrine @ Luxe Weddings

Meet Nikki.

Coach | Educator | Podcaster | Speaker

The Mind Health Coach with a difference. With a knack for simplifying complex theories, Nikki transforms minds and lives with her unique approach.

Over the past six years, she's helped hundreds of individuals worldwide, guiding them to adopt new, lasting perspectives and emerge as better, more resilient humans & with happier, healthier minds.

Think clear, simple & highly effective trainings, delivered with a personable approach to create lasting impact.

Nikki teaches humans how to use their minds for small, average & BIG things that happen every day 🧠🚀

Nikki has partnered with MHEC UK for 3 years, providing monthly trainings with the team & their network.

Take a look at this testimonial from MHEC Founders Dan & Ben.

Personal Outcomes For Your Team:

➡️ Boosted Self esteem

➡️ Mind Management

➡️ Understanding and reducing negative emotions

➡️ Increased awareness

➡️ Remove limiting beliefs

➡️ Better habits & behaviours

➡️ Increased quality of thoughts

➡️ Deeper self understanding

Professional Outcomes For Your Team:

➡️ Improved Communication

➡️ Stress & Overwhelm management

➡️ Confidence boost

➡️ Increase productivity

➡️ Conflict resolution

➡️ Improved attitude

➡️ Deeper integrated team

➡️ Clear Mind

So... Let's talk about your next event

Give your team the best possible opportunity to self-manage their
internal world and thrive within the workplace.

You may be wondering...

Our Frequently asked questions

What kind of teams are suitable?

Nikki has worked with a whole range of businesses from hospitality, to a remote marketing team, to fitness coaches who want to provide more for their clients. Nikki is very motivated to ensure trainings are meeting the needs of each team and therefore all trainings will be uniquely adapted to your desired outcomes.

Can I book a one time training?

Absolutely! Nikki can deliver individual training sessions specific to your team's needs or work with you long term as your 'In House Mindset & Life Coach'.

Can I book a full training day?

You can! All packages can we tailored to your specific needs, so feel free to reach out to Nikki and discuss your specific desired outcomes.