Building Mental Wealth 🧠📈💸

The Ultimate

Self Growth Membership.

The Ultimate

Self Growth Membership.

All my teachings & lessons from 10+ years in the self growth world to help you create
healthier and wealthier mind, relationships & bank WITHOUT spending thousands $$$ in therapy.

All my teachings & lessons from 10+ years in
the self growth world to help you create
healthier and wealthier mind, relationships & bank
WITHOUT spending thousands $$$ in therapy.
🔐 INSTANT access to the academy vault.
🧠 GROW your mind, confidence, emotional intelligence + relationships.

7 Day Free Trial - $88/month –

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have you been hunting around the social media searching for the answers

of how to grow into the person you want to be in your relationship, socially or career?

are you reading books and consuming content regularly, but still feeling stuck

and frustrated & like you need a more clear plan to reach your goals?

have you been hoping to find an affordable, high value membership that gives you

everything you need to grow your mindset to your next level growth?

YES? Well, you've found it 🤭👋🏼.

Do You Want To Become a Master In The ONE skillset that Psychologists, Relationship Experts, CEO's & Billionaires ALL Agree To Be The Most Valuable Skillset For Happiness & Success...

✨ emotional intelligence ✨


Ok GREAT! So are you also...

👉🏼 Looking for new ways to grow your mind & improve your quality of life so you can stop getting caught up in the small stuff, and feel in full control of your inner world?

👉🏼 In the 5% of people globally who prioritise their Mind & Emotional Health? (In fact, this is one of your core values).

👉🏼 Dedicated to your success? (But that doesn't just mean 💰 in the bank for you. You want to grow financially whilst simultaneously growing mentally and emotionally).

This is ✨ THE ✨ mindset membership that will teach you:

🧠 To deeply understand your mind & emotions so you can feel like your best possible version of you and step fully into your power.

💸 How to elevate into the person you need to be to hit your GOALS and feel successful in your career, relationships + finances.

📈 How to create health & wealth in your thoughts and emotions, so you can elevate your relationships and watch your quality of life improve.

You 🤝🏼 Mentally Wealthy & Healthy

WhY choose me to help you reach your goals?

I've been studying self growth for over 10 years. I'm not the gal who jumped onto the bandwagon a few years ago and created a course on gratitude 🤭. I've been living & breathing self growth since BEFORE it was a tiktok trend.

I've invested over $100k on my own personal development. I know what works, what doesn't and what is a waste of time. I went to the trenches so you don't have to ☺️.

I founded Mind Health School in 2019 (pre-pandemic!) and I've helped hundreds and hundreds of humans globally create wealthy and healthy minds, relationships & lives.

I've invested thousands upon thousands of hours into creating the best online education platform to help you make magic happen in your life. Why? Because my purpose on this planet is to see YOU win 🏆.

The Academy is the place that will help you exit the trenches and grow from

good ➡️ great ➡️ EXCELLENCE... whilst also having lots of fun 😅🤫.


The ultimate self growth membership that helps you build a wealthy and healthy mind, relationships so you never have to feel like your settling ever again 🧠📈💸.

So how exactly does it work?

🔐 get access to ACADEMY VAULT 💰

110's of hours of trainings PLUS regular content drops on everything to teach you how to feel peak confidence, calmness & peace in your mind, relationships & career. Courses below will be available on your dashboard instantly 🪄.

100's of content hours available instantly 🔓

100's of content hours available instantly 🔓


Heal Your Attachment Style

Learn Healthier Ways To Communicate


Build A Strong And Resilient Mind

Create Emotional Mastery

The MHS Academy is an ever growing collection of tools and trainings that I personally used to:

  • Train my brain to become my best friend & feel like my own biggest cheerleader

  • Master my emotions and stop sabotaging my relationships so I could let down my walls and actually feel connected to others

  • Help me truly feel in control of my life & become a solid human with a solid mind.

“I already bought so many things, why do I need the MHS academy?”

We are different. Here's why 👇🏼

The material delivered in The Academy is easy to understand and teaches you to take action so you can train your brain and see immediate progress, unlike being in a merry go round of never ending therapy.

Without fail, if you implement as explained you will create huge internal shifts towards your goals.

The Academy is not just about knowledge or repeating conversations and problems.

We give you step by steps and frameworks so you know exactly WHAT to do next time you feel stuck, and how to move forward. We want to see you put down the self help books & actually put in the work. You learn, you implement, and repeat. 🔁

My approach is no BS, no FLUFF. I teach complex and high level theories in bitesize chunks so you can learn & apply with simplicity.

My teachings are science backed, inclusive of NLP and Positive Psychology to create permanent behaviour change.

We are masters at helping you get to the end of the problem quicker.

you'll ALSO get

Regular Drops Of Downloadable products & Journals

access the most powerful library of brain training tools and learnings


Accelerate your mindset (Value $697)

re-wire your anxious mind (Value $997)

Back yourself (Value $697)

calm af (Value $399)

The secret sauce masterclass (Value $99)

the anxiety rehab journal (Value $27)

the self worth booster journal (Value $27)

+ new content every month

total value = ($2943)


for ONLY $88 p/m. Claim your free trial!

The academy is *the* membership to expand your mind.

Whether You Are An Entrepreneur, Coach, Career Driven, High Performer... The Membership Has a Solution To Every Emotional & Mental Block, Challenge Or Problem.

You can fund a whole year of my Academy for less than $3 a day. That is less than the price of your coffee to elevate your emotional intelligence…

With my FULL support!


The 100% SatisfactionGuarantee

You can try before you buy! Start your FREE 7 Day trial today. Cancel anytime. No lock in contracts.

Still On The Fence? Here are some bonuses you won't wanna miss ...


Events online and IRL

We do MONTHLY in person meet ups AND online q&a's!

PLUS all members get exclusive access to a range of other industry expert masterclasses, hosted by mind Health school.


Request Specific Trainings

Need guidance on something specific?

you can submit your topic request directly through the platform & if it doesn't already exist, i'll create it.



join in on the chat and make friends, ask questions or share your wins.

you're joining a group who are on the same journey as you!

I swear by everything I share with you in the Academy because these are the exact tools I personally used to master my confidence and create a calm mind & emotional control.

You're next!


Our Frequently asked questions

 I am new to personal development and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

YES. This is the exact membership I wish existed when I was just getting started. It would have saved me so much time and money by having everything in one place.

I've been in this world for a while. Will I still find value?

There is value for everyone in this membership who wants to train their brain. If you want to feel more inner peace, more confidence and more calmness, this is your space to thrive.

How much support is included?

You get access to our communities channel which means you can ask questions directly to Nikki at any time, and she will respond directly to you. You also get monthly Power Hour group sessions with Nikki & any additional community events each month.

Does this only work for females?

The methods and frameworks I use are applicable to anyone with a mind, and the Academy is inclusive to everyone.

 I am not tech-savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

You just need a device to watch the trainings and a notepad & pen.

I've already gone to therapy, will this work for me?

Yes. The Academy is designed to help you elevate to your next level. So whether you want to build a business, remove your confidence blocks, master self love or navigate difficult emotions... The Academy has the answers.

Will I get my monies worth?

The value in the Academy is HUGE. You get monthly Power Hours with Nikki, Community Chats, Regular New Courses and loads more! Think of this as the space for personal growth and development which is valued WAY over $20,000.